Transferring Bike Fit Measurements

Looking to have your bike rental from Tucson Bicycle Rental ready to ride when you arrive?  Get us three simple bike fit measurements and we will dial in your rental bike to best match your favorite bike at home.  Please note that because of certain geometry constraints there are times we are not able to get the bikes fitted exactly; however, our years of bike fit expertise will get them very close.

Please follow the diagram below.  We will need these three measurements:

A) Center of crank arm to the top of the saddle.

B) Nose of the saddle to the of the center of the handlebars.

C) Top of the handlebars to the center of the wheel.

We prefer measurements are taken in centimeters (cm) because they are more accurate. If you don't have a metric ruler laying around we can work with inches (in).  Please reach out to us if you have any questions.

Tucson Bicyle Rental Bike Fit Worksheet