Renting a bike in Tucson from Tucson Bicycle Rental is an easy process.  Here are some of our most common questions:

Do I need to bring pedals?

YES. Please bring your pedals and shoes.  We are happy to install your pedals for you when we deliver your bike. We also offer clipless pedals for rent if you don't want to bring your own, or flat pedals at no cost if you don't have your own.

Where are you located?

We are a mobile service and do NOT have a physical location. We do list our mailing address (4729 E. Sunrise Drive); however this is NOT our location. We offer complimentary delivery and pickup service for all of our bikes within 10 miles of our mailing address - this covers the majority of Tucson proper. We can deliver to your hotel, rental property, or even to a ride location! Anything over that distance will incur a delivery fee of $2/mile.

Can I bring my own saddle?

Yes! While our bikes have high quality saddles, if you are used to your specific saddle, please feel free to bring it and we can install it for you when we drop off the bike.

Do I need to bring my own helmet?

That is preferred; however, we do have a limited number of helmets available for rent.

I have a rental car, do you have a bike rack?

Yes! We have Saris Bones 3 bike racks. They are $25 flat per week to rent (i.e., one day is $25, one week is $25, 10 days would be $50).

What if I get a flat tire when I have the bike?

All of our bikes come with 2 spare tubes, tire levers, CO2 cartridges, inflator, and multi-tool. There is even a flat repair kit in case you are having an especially tough ride!

Will you transfer my bike fit measurements to the rental bike?

YES!  Please follow the directions here:

What is your cancellation policy?

The renter is responsible for the full amount of the bike rental unless the rental is cancelled in writing (vial email) no later than 72-hours before the pick-up date/time for a full refund. Cancellation fees are calculated based on the following:

Hours canceled before rental start Penalty amount

  • 0-24 hours NO REFUND
  • 24-48 hours 50% of the paid rental fee amount will be charged/withheld.
  • 48-72 hours 75% of the paid rental fee amount will be refunded.
  • 72+ hours 100% of the paid rental fee amount will be refunded.

Where should I stay?

There are tons of great options for places to stay in Tucson. It depends if you want a hotel experience or want a place to yourself. If looking for a great airbnb, check out Bikehaven. The hosts are avid cyclists and outdoors people, and it's right near the Loop bike path (Rillito). If you are looking for resort-type hotels, check out Loew's Ventana Resort, Westin La Paloma, El Conquistador Tucson, or JW Marriott Starr Pass. For a little local flavor with an all-inclusive option and lots of other activities for the family, you can't beat Tanque Verde Ranch. There are also loads of other rental homes and boutique hotels all around town, so decide where you want to ride and look nearby. Feel free to reach out with any questions!